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serving the missouri meramec area.

Some families may qualify to transfer their Voucher outside the PHA’s six county jurisdiction.

1.      If you were a resident in our jurisdiction at the time you filled out your initial application and you can provide documentation to verify your residency, you can request to transfer.

2.      Acceptable documentation – You must provide one of the following:

          a.       Lease Agreement

          b.      Utility Bill

          c.       Drivers License

          d.      Voters Registration

Portability gives families the option to move from higher poverty areas to better housing opportunities. Surrounding Public Housing Agencies and Authorities are provided on the landlord list.

Under portability, the family is subject to the receiving PHA’s policies if they move to its jurisdiction. This could represent a major change for the family. For example, the family will be issued a voucher to find a unit in the receiving PHA’s jurisdiction based on the receiving PHA’s subsidy standards, not the initial PHA’s. This could potentially mean a decrease in the family’s voucher size.

The family is also subject to the receiving PHA’s screening criteria, which may be different from the initial PHA’s. A family who is eligible for assistance in one jurisdiction may not necessarily be eligible in another based on a new screening being performed. The receiving PHA may also have different payment standards than the initial, which may affect the family’s ability to afford a unit in the receiving PHA’s jurisdiction.

An applicant who does not reside within the jurisdiction of the PHA at the time (s)he completes the preliminary application must rent a unit within the jurisdiction of the Phelps County PHA for at least twelve months from the time the voucher holder receives assistance. After that time, the family may exercise portability.

Families may move more than once using their portability, however, the PHA limits family moves to not more than one in any twelve month period, under the voucher program;

If the Phelps County PHA has a family moving into another voucher area, it will notify the receiving PHA of the family’s eligibility and confirm that a voucher has been issued to the family;