Eight counties | 36 cities | one region

a voluntary council of local governments
serving the missouri meramec area.

MRPC Commission officers

Steve Vogt, Chairman

Mary Heywood, Vice Chairman

Larry Miskel, Secretary

Darryl Griffin, Treasurer


Larry Miskel, Steve Vogt, Mary Heywood, Darryl Griffin and Janet Walker.


Leo Sanders, chairman; Larry Miskel, vice chairman; Vic Stratman; Brandy Simpson (Resident Board Member); Darrell Skiles; Randy Verkamp; Washington County (Vacant)


Darrell Skiles, chairman; Ray Schwartze, vice chair; Shane Anselm, Laurel Boisonault; Gary Brown; Debby Bust; Donald Claycomb; Ryan Davis; Brenda Doyle; Darryl Griffin; Mary Heywood; T.C. James; Ron Kraetlli; Tammy Masmann; Larry Miskel; Leo Sanders; Dave Sansegraw; Janet Walker; Vacant


Ray Walden, chairman; , vice chair; Terry Austin; Jerry Brown; Shannon Grus; Darryl Haller; Jan Haviland; Patricia Heaney; John Kamler; George Lauritson; Dwight Massey; Jeff Medows; Gene Newkirk; Doug Smith; Steve Vogt; Mark Farran; Mike Null; Steve Vogt; Daniel Knoell


Marcus Maggard, chairman; John Muesch, vice chair; Jason Ward; Mary Pat West; Margie Brine; Elise Brochu; Earl Brown; Tom Coots; John Casey; T.R. Dudley; Michael Dunbar; Rich Eisterhold; Jason Koenigsfeld; Debbie Martin; Emily Sommerer; Robert Parsons; John Robinson III; Jason Shenefield; Glen Smith; Vic Stratman; Randy Verkamp

MRB Board

MRB Corporation is the nonprofit holding company that owns the assets (building, cars, computers, furniture, etc.) used by the Meramec Regional Planning Commission and its related organizations. MRB Corp. is composed of the cities and counties that make up MRPC. City and county representatives who sit on MRPC’s board also sit on the MRB board.

MRB officers are:
President Leo Sanders • Vice President Darrell Skiles • Secretary-Treasurer Larry Miskel