Eight counties | 36 cities | one region

a voluntary council of local governments
serving the missouri meramec area.

Meramec Regional Planning Commission

Bonnie Prigge, Executive Director – bprigge@meramecregion.org
Tammy Snodgrass, Assistant Director – tsnodgrass@meramecregion.org
Linda Carroll, Senior Secretary – lcarroll@meramecregion.org
Fredd Burton, Maintenance – fburton@meramecregion.org

Communications and Marketing

Services: Public Relations, Publications, Presentations, Data Services, Marketing Research and Planning, News Releases

Bonnie Prigge, Executive Director – bprigge@meramecregion.org
Caitlin Jones, Communications/Marketing Manager – cjones@meramecregion.org
Linda Carroll, Senior Secretary – lcarroll@meramecregion.org

Project Development

Services: Grant Writing and Administration, Technical Assistance, Homeownership, Asbestos Inspections, Lead Inspections, Project Development, Housing Development, Traffic Counter Programs, Funding Searches, Grant/Funding Alerts, Mobility Management

Kelly Sink, Manager – kellysb@meramecregion.org
Chuck Cantrell, Housing Inspector and Grant Administrator – ccantrell@meramecregion.org
Eva Voss, Senior Grant Administrator – evoss@meramecregion.org
Nichole Zielke, Grant Writer – nzielke@meramecregion.org

Environmental Programs

Services: Solid Waste Planning and Program Implementation, Hazardous Materials Planning and Administration, Environmental Education, Technical Assistance, Flood Plain Administration, Environmental Grant Writing, Homeland Security

Tammy Snodgrass, Manager – tsnodgrass@meramecregion.org
Jill Hollowell, Environmental Programs Specialist – jhollowell@meramecregion.org
Kathryn Hawes, Environmental Programs Specialist – khawes@meramecregion.org 
Luis Griffin, Environmental Programs Specialist – lgriffin@meramecregion.org


Services: Transportation Planning, Ordinance Codification, Local Review, Comprehensive and Strategic Planning, Child Care Development, Community Assessments, Easement Preparation, Community Profiles, Community and Industry Surveys, Feasibility Studies

Bonnie Prigge, Executive Director – bprigge@meramecregion.org
Anne Freand, Planning Manager – afreand@meramecregion.org
Samantha Sherman, Senior Community Development Specialist – ssherman@meramecregion.org
Ann Feeler, Community Development Specialist Assistant – afeeler@meramecregion.org
Orin Pogue, Community Development Specialist – opogue@meramecregion.org
Connie Willman, Naturally Meramec Coordinator – cwillman@meramecregion.org
Benjamin Simpson, Community Development Specialist – bsimpson@meramecregion.org
Elaine Cloyde, Codification Specialist – ecloyde@meramecregion.org
Mag Roberts, Arrive Alive/Docudrama Coordinator – kirganroberts@hotmail.com
Caitlin Jones, Arrive Alive/Buckle Buddy Manager – cjones@meramecregion.org
Angela Riemensnider, Arrive Alive/Buckle Buddy Coordinator – ariemensnider@meramecregion.org

Fiscal/Business Loans

Services: Business Loans, Budgeting, Accounting, Compliance, Personnel, Purchasing

Linda Loughridge, Fiscal Officer – lloughridge@meramecregion.org
Bethany Ferrell, Accountant II – bferrell@meramecregion.org
Danielle Tuepker, Business Loans – dtuepker@meramecregion.org


Services: Rental Assistance Programs including Section 8 Homeownership Program, Housing Choice Voucher Program, Housing Inspections, Family Self-Sufficiency, Housing Counseling

Donald Keeney, Housing Programs Manager – dkeeney@meramecregion.org
Elaine Cloyde, Senior Housing Coordinator, Crawford County – ecloyde@meramecregion.org
Teresa Murdie, Housing Inspector/Senior Housing Coordinator, Phelps and Washington Counties – tmurdie@meramecregion.org
Tammy Rigsby, Senior Housing Coordinator, Gasconade, Dent and Maries Counties – trigsby@meramecregion.org
Chuck Cantrell, Housing Inspector and Grant Administrator – ccantrell@meramecregion.org
Dowanda Bullock, Family Self Sufficiency/Homeownership Coordinator – dbullock@meramecregion.org