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a voluntary council of local governments
serving the missouri meramec area.

October 2020

OJJDP approved the Strategic Plan for the Meramec Region’s Opioid Affected Youth Initiative. The strategic plan includes a detailed Action Plan for Implementation beginning page 11 of the .pdf link below the infographic. 

OJJDP – approved projects for implementation

  • OAYI Social Media Videos

The videos highlight personal testimonies with first-hand and lived experiences of the opioid epidemic. The purpose of these videos is to increase opioid-misuse awareness, reduce stigma around those negatively impacted by the opioids, and share perspectives from responders to the opioid crisis. Content from these videos are intended to be shared on MRPC’s Facebook page and The Meramec Region’s Opioid Affected Youth Initiative’s website. 

  • Community Conversations on Stigma, Opioid Use, Misuse, and Recovery

Social stigma against opioid use disorder discourages both parents and children from reaching out for help, and may enhance or reinstate drug misuse, playing a key part in the vicious cycle that drives people to continue misusing opioids. In partnership with Invent Yourself, LLC, the project is designed to openly facilitate a dialogue, led by youth with an adult, community-stakeholder audience, on the topic of opioid use disorder with the intent and purpose of “de-stigmatizing” the topic. 

  • Too Good for Drugs

Too Good for Drugs is an evidence-based opioid, opiate, marijuana, underage drinking, tobacco, and other substance use prevention curriculum for students. The curriculum has been recognize as a model program by both the Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. In partnership with Prevention Consultants of Missouri, the curriculum will be taught in five Meramec Region school districts, in junior high and high school age groups.