Eight counties | 36 cities | one region

a voluntary council of local governments
serving the missouri meramec area.

Meramec Regional Planning Commission (MRPC)

MRPC Officers:

Chairman: Steve Vogt; Vice Chairman: Mary Heywood; Secretary: Larry Miskel; Treasurer: Darryl Griffin

 Crawford County

Rodney Neff, representing the mayor of Cuba

Vacant, at-large, for profit

Jared West, chairman of Leasburg

Mary Heywood, representing the unemployed

Margie Brine, representing the mayor of Bourbon

Leo Sanders, presiding commissioner

Jason Ward, representing mayor of Steelville

Dent County

Earl Brown, representing people with disabilities

Robert Parsons; representing Farming/Agri Business

Darrell Skiles, presiding commissioner

Ray Walden, representing the mayor of Salem

Gary Brown, at-large, for profit

Gasconade County

Kenny Sullinger, mayor of Bland

Shannon Grus, mayor of Rosebud

John Kamler, mayor of Owensville

Larry Miskel, presiding commissioner

Ron Kraettli, at-large, for profit

Patricia Heaney, representing mayor of Herman

Debbie Green, mayor of Gasconade

Jason Koenigsfeld, representing the mayor of Morrison

Tammy Bruckerhoff, representing tourism

Maries County

T.C. James, mayor of Vienna

Ray Schwartze, at-large, for profit

Vic Stratman, presiding commissioner

Steve Vogt, representing the mayor of Belle

Osage County

Rich Eisterhold, for profit at large member

Dr. Donald Claycomb, representing education

Tammy Massmann, mayor of Westphalia

Emily Sommerer, mayor of Meta

Darryl Griffin, presiding commissioner

Jan Haviland,at-large, industry

Dwight Massey, mayor of Linn

Darryl Haller, chairman of Freeburg

Ryan Davis, chairman of Argyle

Elise Brochu, mayor of Chamois

Phelps County

Terry Austin, mayor of Edgar Springs

John Money, representing healthcare

Jake Harlan, at-large, for profit

Tom Coots, representing the mayor of Rolla

James Poucher, mayor of Newburg

Doug Smith, mayor of Doolittle

Randy Verkamp, presiding commissioner

Janet Walker, representing minorities

Jim Fleming, representing the mayor of St. James

Shane Anselm, at-large Labor

John Meusch, representing lending institutions

Pulaski County

Mike Null, mayor of Dixon

Jerry Brown, mayor of Waynesville

Glen Smith, mayor of Crocker

Gene Newkirk, presiding commissioner

George Lauritson, mayor of St. Robert

Michael Dunbar, at-large, for profit

Brenda Doyle, representing seniors

Washington County

Vacant, at-large, for profit

John Casey, representing transportation

Joseph Blount, mayor of Potosi

Doris Keim, mayor of Irondale

T.R. Dudley, representing the chairman of Mineral Point

John Meusch, representing lending institutions

John Robinson III, representing the chairman of Caledonia

Dave Sansegraw, presiding commissioner

Laurel Boisonault, representing small business


Ex-Officio Members of the Board:

Sen. Justin Brown — District 16

Sen. Mike Bernskoetter — District 6

Sen. Elaine Gannon — District 3

Rep. Chris Dinkins — District 144

Rep. Don Mayhew — District 121

Rep. Mike McGirl — District 118

Rep. Nate Tate — District 119

Rep. Bruce Sassmann — District 62

Rep. Bill Hardwick — District 122

Rep. Ron Copeland — District 143

Rep. Bennie Cook — District 142

Rep. Aaron Greisheimer — District 61

Rep. Jason Chipman — District 120