Eight counties | 36 cities | one region

a voluntary council of local governments
serving the missouri meramec area.

Serving Missouri Cities with complete codification and supplemental services and placing of ordinances on the Internet

The publication of a new municipal code book includes the following steps and features:

  • Computerization of the present city code book in a new format and with a simplified numbering system
  • Printed on 8 1/2″ X 11″ paper in loose-leaf form for easy updating
  • Inclusion of all current municipal ordinances and the numbering, titling and indexing of ordinances
  • Reorganization of code material so that all ordinances of a given category are in the same chapter for easy access
  • Arrangement of chapters in alphabetical order for ease of reference
  • Historical citations indicating the derivation of each section
  • Addition of cross reference footnotes and relevant state law information
  • Preparation of ordinance index listing all ordinances included in the code and their disposition
  • Monthly, quarter, semiannual or yearly update service in loose leaf supplements
  • Placing of ordinances on the Internet

City Code books prepared by MRPC:

Belle, Caledonia, Cuba, Fayette, Gasconade,Newburg, Potosi, Rolla, Rosebud, St. James, Vienna