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serving the missouri meramec area.

Beginning MARCH 23, 2020, the Meramec Regional Planning Commission and the Phelps County Public Housing Agency office will be closed to the public, however we will still be working. In an effort to reduce Covid-19 exposure, we are using extra precautions to reduce person-to-person contact for the foreseeable future. Until further notice, we will not accept walk-ins or unscheduled appointments. We encourage everyone to try to conduct business with us by phone, email, mail, or fax to the extent possible. You may also drop paperwork into our drop box next to our backdoor while we are closed.


CURRENT TENANTS OR LANDLORDS are asked to call ahead to schedule an appointment, if absolutely necessary, at 573-265-4200. All re-certifications will be done on time and will be completed by mail or email. Staff will be limiting one-on-one contact and will meet in person only as a last resort.

NEW APPLICANTS may apply online at:  https://phelpsco.housingmanager.com

New applicants may print off a paper application by going to the MRPC website at:  https://www.meramecregion.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Application.pdf

Paper applications can be picked up at MRPC, #4 Industrial Drive, St. James, both at the back door and front foyer.  Completion of the application must be done off site. 

To request that a paper application be mailed to you, please call 573-265-4200 or email pha@meramecregion.org.

Completed paper applications can be dropped off at out drop box located in back of the building in our drop box or may be mailed to:

Phelps County PHA

4 Industrial Drive

St. James, MO 65559

INSPECTIONS: Staff will be completing inspections in a timely manner, however, they will be accomplished in a different manner. Landlords and tenants will be advised of the new procedures, if an inspection is needed.


Phone: 573-265-4200

Fax: 573-265-3550

Email: pha@meramecregion.org

PHA website: https://www.meramecregion.org/mrpc-programs-and-services/phelps-county-pha/

Individuals are encouraged to utilize these forms of communications. One-on-one contact will be used as a last resort.


Some staff will be working from home, but many will be in the office.

To contact the MRPC main office:

Phone: 573-265-2993

Fax: 573-265-3550

Email address: https://www.meramecregion.org/about-mrpc/staff/

Website: https://www.meramecregion.org