Staff of the Meramec Regional Planning Commission

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Meramec Regional Planning Commission

Bonnie Prigge, Executive Director
Tammy Snodgrass, Assistant Director
Linda Carroll, Senior Secretary
Larry Blevins, Maintenance Technician

Services: Transportation Planning, Ordinance Codification, Local Review, Comprehensive and Strategic Planning, Child Care Development, Community Assessments, Easement Preparation, Community Profiles, Community and Industry Surveys, Feasibility Studies
Bonnie Prigge, Executive Director
Connie Willman
, Naturally Meramec Coordinator
Anne Freand, Community Development Specialist
Elaine Cloyde, Codification Specialist
Mag Roberts, Arrive Alive

Project Development/Planning

Services: Grant Writing and Administration, Technical Assistance, Homeownership, Asbestos Inspections, Lead Inspections, Project Development, Housing Development, Traffic Counter Programs, Funding Searches, Grant/Funding Alerts, Mobility Management
Kelly Sink-Blair, Manager
Chuck Cantrell, Housing Inspector and Grant Administrator
Gary O'Day, Community Development Specialist
Samantha Maddison, Senior Mobility Coorinator
Anne Freand, Senior Community Development Specialist
Shawn Arbogast, Mobility Coordinator

Environmental Programs

Services: Solid Waste Planning and Program Implementation, Hazardous Materials Planning and Administration, Environmental Education, Technical Assistance, Flood Plain Administration, Environmental Grant Writing, Homeland Security

Tammy Snodgrass, Manager
Jill Hollowell, Environmental Programs Specialist
Ryan Dunwoody; Environmental Programs Specialist
Linda Carroll; Senior Secretary

Communications and Marketing

Services: Public Relations, Publications, Presentations, Data Services, Marketing Research and Planning, News Releases

Bonnie Prigge, Executive Director
Caitlin Jones
, Communications/Marketing Coordinator
Linda Carroll, Senior Secretary


Services: Rental Assistance Programs including Section 8 Homeownership Program, Housing Choice Voucher Program, Housing Inspections, Family Self-Sufficiency, Housing Counseling

Linda Hollandsworth, Manager
Elaine Cloyde, Housing Program Coordinator, Crawford County
Teresa Murdie, Inspector/Housing Program Coordinator, Washington County
Tammy Rigsby, Housing Program Coordinator, Gasconade, Dent and Maries Counties
Chuck Cantrell, Housing Inspector and Grant Administrator
Savannah Vandegriffe, FSS Coordinator
Sydney Feeler, Secretary

Fiscal/Business Loans

Services: Business Loans, Budgeting, Accounting, Compliance, Personnel, Purchasing

Linda Loughridge, Fiscal Officer
Maria Bancroft, Business Loans
Jodie Branson, Accountant II
Jane Dolan, Accountant I
Cheryl Dupes, Accountant II